30+ Venture Capital Firms in Australia in 2022

Venture Capital (VC) firms provide capital to startups with long-term growth potential. Over the last decade, Australia has seen exponential growth in the number of startups and VC funds launched, a few of which have become world-renown.

VC firms are different from angel investors, startup accelerators, and private equity. This article focuses on venture capital firms in Australia and was last updated on 16 April 2022. If I'm missing a fund, please let me know and I'll add it.

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AfterWork Ventures

AfterWork Ventures is a community-powered, industry-agnostic VC fund investing in Australian and New Zealand-based startups that have $100m+ revenue ambition. They invest at the earliest stages, once you're ready to turn "after work" into "work."

Their investment process is imbued with a deep respect for founders' time, intel, and courage. Startup founders are frequently subject to hellish, drawn-out due diligence processes, only to be unceremoniously knocked back despite their best efforts.

Their commitment is to turn up for founders, and they have designed a highly transparent process that adds value at every step.

Their community is rallied around a shared goal: to invest in the next generation of Australia and New Zealand startups at the very earliest stage, and then support them on their long and arduous journey from improbability to outlier success.

Venture capital jobs at AfterWork Ventures

AirTree Ventures

AirTree Ventures is a venture capital fund focused on investing in the best Australian and New Zealand technology founders.

AirTree's mission is to back founders from the very start with strong conviction. They're long-term partners and give founders an unfair advantage to turn their audacious visions into reality. They've partnered with over 80 of the fastest growing and most impactful tech companies that are transforming a wide variety of industries.

Venture capital jobs at AirTree Ventures

Archangel Ventures

Archangel is an early-stage venture capital fund investing in Australian startups. They work with great technology founders and investors to build game-changing companies together.

Despite record levels of capital flowing into venture in recent years, large VCs deploy the majority of their funds at Series A or later. Archangel is different, deploying most of its funds in pre-seed and seed stage investments, and its people, investment strategy, and culture are built around sourcing the very best early-stage deals and assisting those founders to build better companies in their formative first years.

Black Nova Venture Capital

Black Nova invests in the next generation of B2B tech startups. The Black Nova team is made up of founders, investors, experts, executives, and dreamers who are there to help founders along their startup journey.

They invest predominantly in Australian and B2B SaaS companies at the pre-seed, seed, and Series A stages. They're comfortable investing in pre-revenue businesses and are excited about the opportunity to provide the initial investment to ambitious founders.

Black Sheep Capital

Black Sheep Capital partners with world-leading founders to accelerate the transition of innovative ideas from concept to world-leading companies.

They focus on identifying exceptional founders with deep domain expertise building scalable technology companies. We’re willing to provide hands-on support from day one to day done – this is what sets us apart from the rest.

Venture capital jobs at Black Sheep Capital

Blackbird Ventures

Blackbird invests in every type of technology from software to space, unified by the biggest ambitions. They invest in wild hearts with the wildest of ideas, right at the beginning.

Blackbird has a portfolio worth over $10B of more than 90 portfolio companies, including some of the most successful Australian and Kiwi startups such as Canva, Culture Amp, Eucalyptus, Safety Culture, and Zoox.

They've written a lot about what they love, so check out their blog if you want some more information about them. In particular, you should read about their mission and valuesoperating principlesmaster plan, and what they look for in founders.

Venture capital jobs at Blackbird Ventures

Brandon Capital

Brandon Capital is Australasia's leading life science venture capital firm, with a strong global presence supported by key partnerships and team members across the United Kingdom and the United States.

Through collaboration and investment, they transform promising medical research breakthroughs into medical therapies that improve patients' lives. We have supported more than 50 start-up companies to date, the majority of which were founded by them.

From early-stage seed investment through to expansion capital, they support life science companies from proof-of-concept through to commercialization.


BridgeLane commenced investing in technology in 2010, subsequently launching the Tank Stream brands to kick start a technology start-up sector within Australia.

Part investors, part entrepreneurs, they don’t wait for investment opportunities, they go out and create them for themselves. Their talented multidisciplinary team are experts at spotting the emerging trends that are shaping the future of agriculture, property, and technology.

This approach combines the security of investment in more traditional categories, with the high growth potential of more innovative business models.

Carthona Capital

Carthona Capital was founded in 2014 when a group of like-minded venture investors came together to invest on a deal-by-deal basis.

Since then, Carthona Capital has shifted to a more traditional venture capital fund structure and is now deploying its third fund with approximately $400m in funds under management from a mix of Institutional (Superannuation), Family Office, and High Net-worth investors.

Venture capital jobs at Carthona Capital

Ellerston Ventures

Ellerston has been actively involved in private company investments since 1999, managing early-stage investments in Seek, Carsales, and others through PBL and its affiliates.

In 2011, they launched the Ellerston Special Opportunities Platform to give their investors the opportunity to co-invest with them in unlisted Australian businesses on a deal-by-deal basis.

In 2016, they launched Ellerston Ventures Partnership LP, their first fund dedicated to private company investments. Ellerston Ventures is an Early Stage Venture Capital Limited Partnership (ESVCLP), a structure with significant tax incentives.

Flying Fox Ventures

Flying Fox Ventures are early-stage capital propelling Australian & New Zealand companies across the globe. They're looking for amazing people who deeply understand the challenges around them and are breaking the mold on how to solve them.

Folklore Ventures

Folklore believes in the power of founder vision and the potential of teams, right from the start.

Startups are not small-big companies; they're an uninsulated journey into the unknown. As former founders and builders, they've lived the ups and downs of this journey.

They understand what it takes to move mountains, firefight, celebrate small wins, and do that day after day, year after year.

Their ambition is to be the investors they wished they had, to be a tight-knit team for their founders, a coach in the corner, and a long-term investor.

Venture capital jobs at Folklore

Galileo Ventures

Galileo Ventures is an Aussie seed VC fund that does things differently. They invest in first-time founders in their first rounds, often before anyone else. They offer more money and hands-on support at seed.

They understand emerging founders, and aren't your average VC, with under 35-year-old, LGBT-identifying founding partners. They've built companies, accelerators and worked with hundreds of founders, just like you.

GBS Venture Partners

GBS was founded in 1996 and invests in young businesses developing and commercializing products that, when combined with the right management and finance, will make a significant difference in patients' lives and deliver financial returns for their investors.

Their areas of particular interest and expertise include human healthcare, biotechnology product development, and life science start-ups. In particular, recent investments have included biological or small molecule therapeutics, medical devices, and diagnostics.

Grok Ventures

Grok Ventures is the private investment company of Atlassian co-founder and co-CEO Mike Cannon-Brookes. They back world-class teams solving big problems to shape a better future and invest in fast-growing technology-enabled businesses.

They're private, long-term focused, patient capital and participate in early to late-stage funding rounds.

H2 Ventures

H2 Ventures are Australia's leading early-stage investors in financial services, data, and artificial intelligence.

Investing in founding teams from day zero, they become partners for life, providing more than just money. They bring networks, mentoring, and operational guidance to bold early-stage entrepreneurs with game-changing ideas in Fintech, Data, and AI.

Jelix Ventures

Jelix is an Australian venture capital funds manager. They back daring founders to make the world better by investing in diverse technologies from quantum computing and renewable energy to traditional B2B SaaS.

They recognize founders as the beating heart of their business and have constructed a portfolio of 29 startups over their first five years by investing themselves and building a syndicate for each investment.

Venture capital jobs at Jelix Ventures

Main Sequence

Main Sequence is a venture capital firm designed for deep tech. They have over $500m under management from lean-in LPs who help their portfolio prosper and their co-founder is Australia's $1.3b annual budget science agency – CSIRO.

They are investing in difficult-to-build companies others struggle to support. They invest from seed to Series B, starting their journey as early as possible, driving advantage into their portfolio.

M.H. Carnegie & Co

M.H. Carnegie & Co is an alternative asset manager, managing funds in excess of $900m across eight platforms, with a successful track record since its establishment in 2011. They invest across a broad range of asset classes including venture capital, private equity, real estate, and debt.

Their differentiated approach is a focus on building platform businesses with leaders in their industries. These leaders bring a wealth of sector knowledge and networks, which alongside their team's deep financial expertise adds substantial value to their investment platforms, creating industry-leading companies and attractive returns for investors.

Metagrove Ventures

Metagrove Ventures backs passionate & diverse early-stage founders building the future of industry destined for the world stage. Early-stage investing is their game and they're here to support founders looking to upend the status quo with a global vision from day one.

Their primary objective is to back diverse, passionate and never-say-die founders to become world-class entrepreneurs who can leverage technology to build global companies and disrupt industries right from the early stages, and support them fully on their journeys.

Venture capital jobs at Metagrove Ventures

NAB Ventures

NAB Ventures is a venture capital fund supporting entrepreneurs globally in their quest to build leading technology companies. Their partners have founded, led, and invested in technology companies for two decades in Australia and the United States.

They leverage NAB’s core capabilities, driving customer insights, and solutions via its deep understanding of customer data along with the inherent bank capabilities of trust, security, and identity management.

One Ventures

One Ventures is one of Australia's leading venture capital firms, with over $500 million in funds under management.

But they do more than invest. They work with companies to take them to that all-important next stage, by actively shaping their future. Their portfolio has companies with truly innovative products tackling multi-billion-dollar world problems, from needle-free vaccinations to next-generation learning technologies to virtual communications.

Reinventure Group

Reinventure exists at the third horizon of growth, focused on creating options in future businesses through venture investment and a strategic relationship with their largest limited partner, Westpac Banking Corporation. With $150m to invest in FinTech and adjacent areas, they uncover, invest in, and nurture scalable early businesses that will be the future of the industry.

Once they invest, their job is to add value to their ventures in the best way they can, through operational experience and networks, and by unlocking maximum synergy values between the ventures and Westpac. Westpac is keen to understand emerging trends, acquire know-how from great entrepreneurs, and co-create in areas that can benefit from the complementary skillsets both parties bring.

Sapien Ventures

Sapien Ventures believes big things can happen from small places.

A 90 percent chance of failure on a transformative project equals a 10 percent chance of transforming the world — The future and their admiration belongs to those dreamers who think of these unreasonable possibilities, who aren’t afraid of the high probability of failure, and who take, bold and, radical risks. They are willing to change the world by imagining what’s possible.

So, what comes next for reinvention? Public transportation? Education? Healthcare? Food? Cities? Communications? Companionship? Financial system? Imagine the possible — and take it from impossible to improbable to possible, but then again unlikely to plausible to probably to real!


SideStage backs the thinkers, dreamers, and builders blending creativity with technology to create the next generation of culture-defining companies.

As founders themselves, they understand the wild rollercoaster of growing and scaling global companies. Living and breathing the highs and lows. They've done it all before. They love getting their hands dirty. And now, they're here to help others do it too.

They bring together and connect creators with like-minded, experienced investors, founders, and operators who share their time, experience, and networks to help founders thrive.

Skip Capital

Skip Capital is a private investment fund that was founded by Kim Jackson and Scott Farquhar, co-founder and co-CEO of Atlassian. They invest in high-growth technology companies and love to back phenomenal teams with unique experience, and a passion for solving a big problem.

They also invest in future-aware infrastructure projects in areas like wind, solar, waste processing, recycling, food, and data infrastructure.

They're a long-term investor and invest at any stage from seed to late-stage.

Southern Cross Venture Partners

Southern Cross Venture Partners backs promising entrepreneurs to build successful companies with global potential. Their funds are currently focused on technology, energy, and resources at the seed, early and growth stages.

They are uniquely placed to help entrepreneurs looking to expand globally, with a presence in the United States, Australia, and Asia, through partnerships with SBCVC. They assist their entrepreneurs by catalyzing the right connections, bringing the lessons of experience, acting as a trusted partner, and sharing in the vision of their entrepreneurs to build great companies.

Square Peg Capital

Square Peg Capital invests in emerging technology companies across the Internet economy from their bases in Australia, Singapore, and Tel Aviv.

They were founded on the belief that technology would transform every industry in the world–and that brilliant, ambitious founders would sit at the heart of this change. They're squarely focused on helping founders succeed.

Telstra Ventures

Telstra Ventures invests in what's next, right now. Their global sphere of knowledge drives their investment thesis across all industries. They serve on the boards of some of the most innovative technology companies in the world.

They see global trends as they are emerging, and combine this knowledge with data, lots of data, to know where the world is heading during the next seven-to-ten years.

Venture capital jobs at Telstra Ventures


TEN13 is Australia’s largest venture syndicate, fuelling ambitious founders and their tech startups. They back global startups early on their journey, with a core focus on APAC, US, and Africa, with cheque sizes ranging from $250k — $10 million.

Founded by Steve Baxter and Stew Glynn, TEN13 is changing the model of venture capital from black-box 10-year VC funds to deal-by-deal venture investing at scale. They've fuelled over 40 exciting companies, including Clipchamp (acquired by Microsoft), Go1 (Australia's most recent unicorn), Chipper Cash (Africa's most valuable startup), Mr Yum (3rd largest Series A), Carted, and Delegate Connect, to name a few.

Venture capital jobs at TEN13

Tenacious Ventures

Tenacious Ventures support and invest in early-stage innovators in agrifood. They look for bold founders committed to solving big problems. They're Australia's first and only dedicated agrifood tech VC fund.

They lead early-stage investments with high-conviction and hands-on support to help agrifood tech startups grow.

They believe in a future where the global food and agriculture system is sustainable, profitable for farmers, and able to adapt to the changing needs of consumers.

Tidal Ventures

Tidal Ventures invests from seed to growth behind product-led founders bound for international markets. Its mission is to help founders build momentum as bold and courageous product-led companies.

They believe in being generous with their knowledge, so they can fill the gaps for their founders and loan them the expertise to scale up big and make it globally their own way.

All their companies have a product-first mentality and effortlessly full others into their vision and story. They make the waves that power the tide.

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