20+ Venture Capital Firms in Greece

Venture Capital (VC) firms provide capital to startups with long-term growth potential. Over the last decade, the Greek startup ecosystem has caused the number of VC firms to grow.

This article outlines the venture capital firms in Greece and was last updated on 31 October 2022. If I'm missing a fund, please let me know and I'll add it.

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Alpha Ventures

Alpha Ventures was the first private equity / venture capital firm in Greece. It was established in 1990 and to date has invested in enterprises operating in various economic activity sectors, both in Greece and abroad. In parallel, it also attracts investors from Greece or abroad and arranges financing in the form of bilateral or syndicated loans.

Angel Capital Ventures

Angel Capital Ventures (ACV) specializes in high tech and leading edge technologies, mostly in mobile applications and games, as well as the development of highly eco-friendly and sustainable hotels and villas targeted towards the more demanding traveler.

ACV is bringing a fresh investment philosophy which allows the entrepreneur with a new and exciting idea to grow by facilitating the strategy, creating marketing synergies, providing talent to grow the team and helping out in the fundraising.

Attica Ventures

Attica Ventures was established in September 2003 with the purpose of managing venture capital funds and is a member of the Attica Bank Group of companies. They invest in innovative small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that are in their development phase, hold a distinctive competitive advantage and have excellent potential for equity appreciation and international competitiveness and presence, regardless of the industry they compete.

Their target size of investment is between €3-7m, but they are able to accommodate any size of investment in cooperation to strategic partners and/or co-investors. In most of the cases they intend to take minority stakes, supporting the management achieving their goals

Big Pi

Big Pi is a leading early-stage venture capital firm established in 2018, looking to invest in the most promising technology companies and founders. Its investment focus is companies where technology and intellectual property is core to their value proposition, and where a substantial part of product development work is being performed in Greece.

Their investment focus is twofold:

  • Supporting visionary technology entrepreneurs in well-rounded teams that are building their startup or are ready to scale up.
  • Backing brilliant researchers in universities and public or private R&D centers that want to bring projects from the lab to the market

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Elikonos Capital

Elikonos Capital is an independent investment firm pursuing opportunities in Greece. They aim to support companies with sustainable growth strategies and strong management teams that have the ability, vision and commitment to create value.


Endeavor is leading the high-impact entrepreneurship movement around the world. They support high-impact entrepreneurs so that they can build thriving companies that employ thousands of people, generate billions in wages, and inspire countless others as role models. Together, these entrepreneurs hold the key to sustained economic growth in every part of the world.

Endeavor’s model is designed to search for, select, and scale up entrepreneurs with the greatest potential for large – scale success, then spread their stories and resources to sustain lasting economic and social transformation in their home markets and beyond.

Genisis Ventures

Genisis Ventures enables the best talent to create successful technology startups while making Greece a unicorn producer and a regional technology hub.

They provide capital and hands-on support to early-stage founders at the concept, pre-seed, and seed stages. While they focus on Greece and SE Europe, any geo is welcome, as long as the company has a branch/subsidiary in Greece.

Hellenic Capital Partners

Hellenic Capital Partners is an independent venture capital and private equity firm with more than 15 years of history based in Athens. They target investment opportunities that lead to substantial value creation, thereby generating superior returns for our investors.

Marathon Venture Capital

Marathon Venture Capital is a day one partner to Greek tech founders. They invest the first million and roll up their sleeves to help build fast-growing, world-class technology companies. They lead seed rounds by investing an amount of €1m-1.5m in exchange for 15-20% of equity, and offer industry-standard, founder-friendly terms. They follow up to maintain our pro-rata in Series A and Series B rounds.

They can also help companies with hiring amazing people, legal and compliance, nad product and go-to-market strategy.


Metavallion are a venture capital firm investing in early stage technology startups. They provide financing and hands-on development support through pre-seed and seed stage investments. At pre-seed, they invest €200k-400k and at seed they invest €400k-1m.

Northern Greece Investment Fund

Northern Greece Investment Fund (NGIF) is a growth equity venture capital fund investing in fast growing exporting businesses and startups in Greece. NGIF invests in all sectors of the Greek economy. Their team has identified certain target sectors that are experiencing above-average growth relative to the broader market, but there are no limitations: they identify and invest in world-class companies and management teams to capitalize both on trends and solid ideas.

Odyssey Venture Partners

Odyssey Venture Partners invests in Greek information and communication technology (ICT) start ups addressing global markets. Their mission is to fund and support Greek startups so they grow to become successful, profitable and valuable global enterprises.

PJ Tech Catalyst

PJ Tech Catalyst is a venture capital fund that has invested in a diverse portfolio of seed stage startup companies with a focus on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and supports the development of entrepreneurship in Greece.

They invest seed capital of €750k and support their investments with a vast network. They also advise on financing, follow on rounds, and hiring.

Starttech Ventures

Starttech Ventures builds B2B SaaS companies from prototype to scale-up. They partner as co-founders with like-minded entrepreneurs and provide financial resources, infrastructure, a vast and dedicated team of highly skilled and specialized professionals as well as their focus, know-how, energy and entrepreneurial drive in order to travel the journey from inception to scaling-up.

TECS Capital

TECS Capital invests in science and technology startups turning best ideas into scalable ventures. They invest at the seed stage, targeting deep tech, industry 4.0, and commercializing research.


THERMI GROUP was established in the early 2000s and is active in venture capital, energy, and real estate. The company invests in innovative small and medium-sized Greek companies during early or expansion stages.


UniFund aims to ignite entrepreneurship and leverage the hidden potential that exists in the Greek Universities, R&D and Tech Space, by focusing on people and team development, implementation of successful go-to-market strategies and helping build the foundations of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

They invest up to €250k at the pre-seed stage and €250k-500k at the seed stage in ICT / e-business, market innovation, and the broader tech space. They look for disruptive technologies, functional MVPs that differ from what they’ve seen so far, scalable business models, strong IP, emerging markets, and top-notch teams.


Velocity.Partners is an industry agnostic venture capital fund. Their mission is to fuel Greek entrepreneurs around the globe build world-class technology companies. They invest in pre-Seed & Seed stages, typically up to €500k, and follow up next rounds, helping companies build their team, prove product-market fit, gain market traction and get ready for big-league VCs along the way.


VentureFriends are entrepreneurs and angel investors turned into venture capitalists. They’re an early stage investor investing €500K-2.5m in seed and series A B2C and B2B startups that can develop a sustainable moat over time. Their sweet spots are proptech, fintech, marketplaces, traveltech, and SaaS.

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i4G is a Greek-based Incubator running also a seed investment fund for tech and science startups. They provide startups with a modern and fully functional office space to set up their business instantly, while keeping their costs at a minimum.

Unlike many other incubators, they understand cash is the lifeblood of any business. Their goal is to invest in the highest-potential entrepreneurs in their areas of focus and / or to help them access financial resources from EU open calls. Since 2003, i4G has participated in 9 seed and pre-seed funding rounds, investing more than €2.2m, in total.