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Sep 15

Make a global impact by bringing medical solutions and savings to 100 million people around the world while generating outsized returns for our investors.

Pureland Global Venture is a globally diversified healthcare venture headquartered in Singapore. We invest in companies that build healthier societies and improve the quality of life for patients, while promoting affordability and accessibility of healthcare services through novel medical technologies. We look for entrepreneurs with integrity, intelligence, and energy with the right solutions to a healthcare problem and farm out these solutions with our investment of financial, social, and human capital. For more information about Pureland, please visit our website:

As a VC analyst, you will not only gain access to global top-tier private investment deals in the spectrum of medical technologies, but also play a key role in the team to support Partner(s) with post-investment value creation initiatives, deal flow, and strategic research across the VC lifecycle. We invite passionate and high-caliber individuals with the right mix of relevant professional experience, strategic mindset, and self-initiative to grow together with the team.

Impact Driven

At our healthcare VC fund level, making a global difference is what we aim to achieve. Since day one, our goal of making an impact on 100M people's lives has never changed. That has allowed us to work with companies that can bring true difference into patients’ journeys. Our radiotherapy company enables 20M USD cost savings for every hospital they work with; our brain-computer interface (BCI) company can potentially restore the key functions for fully paralyzed patients; and our pregnancy tech company has brought live savings to over 50 hospitals in India while partnering with nonprofit organizations including Gates Foundation. We believe if innovation is solving real problems, capital will flow.

Unique Internship Learning Culture

People are the core foundation of our success and talent is always our biggest asset. Pureland’s long-term growth will be defined by our insightful team, culture, and community.

Embedded in our core practice, we never shy away from letting our interns grow to their maximum potential. We strongly believe that an internship is an opportunity for a student to get exposure to the financial market and gain real first-hand experiences. A good internship, however, will broaden the students' horizons and potentially change their entire career paths. Hence, we treat our interns as they are full-time analysts and allow them to work on day-to-day investing activities, ranging from due diligence (DD) to fund database construction for deal sourcing and business development. Once they become more experienced, they will even have opportunities to contribute to the deal-making decisions. Regardless of which team they join, they will learn more about investment strategies, fundamental knowledge outside of textbooks, and the analytical acumen to become a sound investor.

We invite passionate individuals who demonstrate intellectual curiosity and enthusiasm for venture capital, financial analysis, and medical technology to join our team. We value individuals with a can-do attitude and a desire to do impactful work because everyone in Pureland can make a difference.

Investment Analyst Intern role and responsibilities

  • Assist senior team members to conduct market analysis, industry research, and competition analysis in private investment deals in Healthcare and AI industries;
  • Assist in buy-side due diligence process (including Financial, Commercial, and Technical DD);
  • Assist due diligence meetings and coordinate meeting schedules with counterparties;
  • Assist senior team members to maintain the VC fund database and coordinate meeting schedules with VC fund partners;
  • Participate in ad-hoc assignments on investments and fund products, compile PowerPoint deck to summarize findings, and present insights and recommendations to senior team members;
  • Facilitate value-adding projects and tasks for Pureland and portfolio companies;
  • Maintain the Pureland Group’s social media profile and publish content;
  • This is a paid remote internship with flexible full-time or part-time options.


  • Bachelor’s degree with major coursework related to finance, accounting, biomedical engineering, and life science; Master’s degree is an asset;
  • Strong attention to detail and organizational skills are essential;
  • Outstanding quantitative and qualitative analytical skills;
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills;
  • Advanced PPT and Excel skills are required;
  • Able to prepare professional research reports in English;
  • A good understanding of accounting and financial statement analysis is an asset;
  • Graphic designing skills and editing abilities are an asset;
  • Strong interests in Med-Tech Industry;
  • Self-learner, independence, and proactive are required.

Application Process

  1. Application Submission: Please submit your application via the following platform:
  2. Video Interview: You will receive an email invitation to a 15-minute recorded video interview, which will help us to get to know you better!
  3. Written Assessment: If you are successfully selected to move forward in the application process, you will be notified by email for an assessment test. We use this test to evaluate your problem-solving skills, analytical skills, and attention-to-detail skills.
  4. Virtual Interview: Lastly, you will be meeting with us during a face-to-face virtual interview to further explore this exciting opportunity and discuss your career growth with us.

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Pureland Global Venture

Our mission is to bring medical solutions and savings to 100 million people globally.