Investment Manager


Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Full time



Sep 18

Twynam is a forward-thinking venture capital firm dedicated to driving sustainable innovation and impact in the field of decarbonisation. We leverage our global network, strategic insights, and expertise to invest in and nurture startups that offer innovative solutions to address the world's pressing environmental challenges.

As an Investment Manager at Twynam, you will play a pivotal role in advancing our mission of promoting decarbonisation through strategic investments. Your extensive global network, deep understanding of sustainable technologies, and autonomous work style will be critical assets in identifying, evaluating, and managing investment opportunities. Join our dynamic team and contribute to shaping a more sustainable future. You will:

  • Lead the charge in identifying and evaluating startups aligned with our decarbonisation investment thesis, spanning sectors such as renewable energy, clean technology, circular economy, and sustainable transportation.
  • Keep abreast of evolving environmental policies and regulations to inform investment strategies.
  • Independently source and assess investment opportunities, conducting meticulous due diligence to evaluate market potential, technological viability, competitive landscape, and sustainability impact.
  • Leverage your established global network to proactively identify and foster connections with potential investment targets, entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and co-investors.
  • Stay informed about emerging trends, breakthrough technologies, and key players in the decarbonisation landscape.
  • Develop comprehensive investment recommendations, including financial analysis, risk assessment, and growth projections.
  • Present compelling investment cases to the Investment Committee, contributing to negotiation and structuring of investment terms.
  • Monitor portfolio company performance, providing strategic guidance and leveraging network resources to enhance value creation and sustainability objectives.
  • Collaborate closely with portfolio companies to address challenges, drive growth, and ensure alignment with our fund's decarbonisation goals.
  • Manage Twynam’s existing portfolio.

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